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Friday, September 24th, 2004
10:17 pm
And the Shadow passed, swiftly as it fell, a great light burst forth wavering a moment as it settled, the final proof that the darklord was vanquished, and Arda was saved. He had needed time, Frodo, and Elessar had bought him that time, but the cost to himself was severe. Even now as he lay on the ground, it grew harder to breathe for the gaping wound in his chest. Only so much of his Gifts could be directed inward and even the twins, though they knelt beside him could do nothing to still his choked breathing.

Frodo had delivered these lands, and in the end, Aragorn had been able to assist but now…There was no chance he would go on, that in these last moments he left Gondor forever to the line of stewards, that the king would never now return. All faded before his eyes, as if the shadow had come again and then…was nothing.

“It is an unusual thing surely…” “But Isildur’s Heir must live so that he’ll someday be returned to these lands.” “He is mortal and the thread of his life…” “Can be added to, sister, and when he has found healing in these other lands…” Unaware of the Valar and their council, Aragorn lay in darkness, somewhere between two worlds still, trapped there as they argued on and time moved swiftly by. Long in council they sat, debate passing between them until at last the decision was made. </i>

Rushing water, hot sand…they came as sensations, no more, and darkness and light, the shards of time shifted, though Aragorn would never remember. When next the light pierced his eyes, causing them to open, all was white. The walls surrounding him, the sheet covering him, the bandages pulled tightly around…

He lived, here, in this world…was it his own? There was no way to be certain…Of this, or of anything…As he gazed out of his window, he waited and wondered, hoping with time that the truth would come clear…

The king has returned/arrived/whatever XD!! Feel free to confuse him at will!!! Yes Viggo, this means Yoooou!
9:25 am
Days of Feasting
It is a day of feasting in Dol Amroth. The festival day to welcome the harvest and the fall means that the only business of this day is that of celebration. It is a day to be remembered among fine feasting days; the weather is fine, and the wine flows. All through out the city are centers of celebration; tables set up with food and wine, and they shall be resupplied until midnight. Endless circles of players and singers preform, and in some squares, there is dancing and much merriment. The prince of Dol Amroth even walks among the streets, and it is rumored a great and unusual guest shall find his way here before feasting's end.

All is well in Dol Amroth this day, it seems.

Current Mood: celebratory
Friday, August 20th, 2004
8:26 pm
It's been fun, but I'm sorry to say that I have to leave the game. The mods know why. Sorry guys! Good luck with the game!

-Joy ze Turin mun
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
12:42 pm
Color...I like how it splays across the cold steel of a knife as it spins through the air, before falling back, so I catch the blade in my hand. I let the momentum push my hand down, before flipping the knife back into the air. I admit I like the sound it makes, that metallic 'fwing' sound, probably a bit too much. I keep this up, I may start gathering an audience...
Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
1:53 am
Who: Amrothos, Halcyon, Milano
What: Amrothos finds Halcyon sketching on the dock before Milano interrupts them
Where: The docks
Note: ...feel better, Aly. ;_; *pets*

a blessing of sorts, I think, all things considered...Collapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, June 26th, 2004
2:08 pm
Who: Neal, Lairewen
Where: Gatetown
When: I have no idea. A few days after Neal's arrival I believe, since he's already been to the library...
What: Neal finds Lairewen in Gatetown and tries to get her to safety.
Warning:: PG13ish for nudity and the fact that Neal takes off his shirt to try to give to her. Oh and the fact that it's in Gatetown alone...
Other:: I've linked to the thread that this took place in. It may be added to later.
"I need you to be brave for me..."

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2:03 am
Hullo! I think I forgot to make an introductory post when I first joined. Whoops. My name is Joy and I am the mun of Turin turin_mormakil. My AIM sn is DaughterArtanis and I'm always up for some Turin RPage. His history is in his info and..uh..that's it.

Oh. E-mail is lovelyalasse@hotmail.com
Monday, June 21st, 2004
1:15 pm
OOC: Partial Leave of Absence, Kind of Not Really Sort of Maybe
Hey everyone - just a small personal announcement.

I've been sick lately, which is why I haven't been playing. It's been hell - bronchitis. I'm feeling a little better now, and while I'm sick, I'll be trying to play as much as I feel well enough to do.

On Wednesday of this week, however, my best friend of several years (since kindergarten) is coming to visit for three weeks and staying with me for the duration. While no, I shouldn't be sick, I also can't play nearly as much as I should, because I can't ignore my guest/best friend, nor do I want to, since I love doing stuff with her.

So. Essentially, I won't be hanging in the AIM room and fishing for RP partners. If I do feel like playing and I can do it, I'll message and ask for it. Likewise, if anyone wants to RP with me and the Villainous Vixen of Vines, just give me a message on AIM (StarOfBurningSky). Never hurts to ask. If I can't, I'll see how possible it is to move the RP into LJ-post based gaming. Easier to pull off, if slower.

So. During this time, when she is not doing anything else, Pamela is living in the woods. I know, it's kind of creepy - "that strange woman who shows her shoulders and ankles and calves for Eru's sake is creeping about in the woods outside the city" - but it's the easiest way to give a reason for why she's not playing. Occasionally I'll have her make forays to the library.

I think that's a long enough post, eh? *kishes* Jessi out. ♥
Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
8:42 pm
Who: Javert and Adrienne
Where: At the docks.
When: Night.
What: Gazing at the stars, the birth of a new alliance.
Warnings: PG, for a reference to suicide and a slight misunderstanding.

Adrienne: *As dusk falls I find myself returning to the docks, to the place where I woke this morning in surprise. Sitting on the wooden planks as the waves sigh beneath me, I swing my legs down in the pleasant night air, thinking quietly to myself.*

Javert: *I am restless, as I have been ever since I can remember. The only thing that could ever put me to sleep was the deep voice of my mother, singing a nameless lullaby to aid me in my slumber. Of course, now she is dead, and with the absence of her whispering songs, I have never been able to sleep soundly. The air is humid and dry, though on occasion there is a slight breeze. It feels pleasant, but...do I really know what pleasant feels like? The sun is setting behind the clouds, and I am walking along the docks, trying to avoid the place where I washed ashore earlier that day. As I walk along the pier, I notice a young woman sitting by herself, perhaps enjoying the night.*

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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
7:20 pm
Who: Pamela, Elendil (I think Elendil? Whoever Spike brings in)
What: RP
Notes: Sorry that took so long, computer troubles.

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9:26 am
a routine
I have been in Dol Amroth a few days now and I am starting to get accustomed to the place. I feel strangely at home here in this foreign land, as I did in Avalon, and I have begun to think that this would be a good place to stay a while, out of reach of my bickering siblings.

It bothers me a little that my Trumps do not work here, though for the moment that is a good thing because it means if I cannot contact my siblings that way, then also they cannot contact me either. I am sure they are used to Corwin being missing by now, but still I would like to know how things fare in Amber, if Random is still king there, and if my son is still king on his own throne in the Courts of Chaos.

I have taken to walking around the city daily, in the manner of a patrol, and I will eat lunch in a different tavern each day, returning to the same one again by night. I see familiar faces and sometimes they see me and nod and smile and say hello, as though we know each other. Yes indeed, I feel at home here and it must be that I look to be at home here too.

But still, surrounded by all these people, I still feel lonely.

[OOC: Open for anyone to bump into him.]

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
1:54 am
Who: Terra, Celes, and Bella
What: Continuation from this post. And this one.
Where: A beach outside Dol Amroth

Well, then could you tell me where I am?Collapse )
Friday, June 11th, 2004
7:46 pm
Beaches have meaning for me, the tide and surf, even the seagulls. Especially the seagulls. I let the water run over my toes, and gaze at the bandana, like I did when I thought he was dead. I leave my footprints in the sands of this strange beach as I walk in my thoughts. Behind me looms Dol Amroth, a city very much like the ports back home, but...not. There are no towering factories, nor the smoke from steamships. Just a forest of masts. I watch them rise up out of the ocean, and it draws my thoughts to other times and places...
1:46 am
"Comet - we have to make it before the storm hits - lets get going!"

It had been a mad dash across the sky as we watched the wall of water close in on us. If we could just get across the field it wouldn't be a problem, the trees would keep us safe. But the trees were still a half mile off, and I didn't think we would make it. And then it hit us both with such force that we were tumbled about in the air and thrown towards the ground.

I braced myself, ready for the impact of the hard ground. It wouldn't be the first time afterall, and probably not the last, but I had a shock as my back hoof started going into the surface and I realized it was water. Freezing cold water at that.

I dont remember seeing a lake ever on this common flight from Dream Valley to the new town where my daughter moved, but I supposed I hadn't spent all that much time studying the scenery below either. It didn't bother me - I quite enjoyed a good swim, if I knew it was coming. And water was certainly softer than solid rock, even if it didn't seem so at first. I grabbed a quick breath before being pulled under and bid my time until it let me up again - I have learned in my life not to fight the sea, it always wins.

I took another deep breath as I came up and looked quickly around for the brown stallion I had been traveling with. Nothing - hopefully he made it out alright. Using my wings as paddles (which I have become very adept at doing I might add) I made my way slowly toward any shore I could find, dragging myself up it and flopping down undignifiably. This was so much a repeat of Course that I almost imagined myself as a filly rather than the fourty+ years that I am.

I lay and caught my breath, all the time waiting for one of my visions to come that would signal the suffering of a loved one. None came, and the storm began to clear and I dragged myself up on the sand, wondering exactally how far offcourse I had gotten. I shook out my mane and whipped my tail a couple times, then started to trot farther inland.

(OOC: this post would have been oodles better if I could have wrote it third person >.< Im still trying to get the hang of this)
1:21 am
Who: Boromir and Faramir
Where: The Street
When: I haven’t a CLUE
Warnings: Um…I don’t see anything really. Heh.

Faramir: *Another day and it seems my escort has finally gotten the hint and vanished. Less to worry about this way, I decide, making my way down the street and towards the library. It should be safe enough there...I hope.*

Boromir: *I still haven't found the time or desire to see my uncle yet. I enjoy seeing the city as another man, not the captain-general, and I admit the ability to actually go unnoticed is something of an unexpected relief. No one recognizes me, nor apparently my name, which I suppose is not a bad thing. As I walk past the library, my eye is drawn to a passing form I would know anywhere, though something I cannot place seems different.* Faramir! *What is he doing here? Looking for some obscure information for our father? Perhaps he has been with Imrahil - perhaps I should have gone and seen my uncle after all! It feels like a lifetime since I have seen him, though I cannot say why.*
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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
5:51 pm
One should never regret...
I dreamed again last night, and she had been there. Again, that girl haunted me in my sleep, like she had so many nights before. Why will she not let me rest? Every time I lay eyes on her, my heart aches. It moans with pleasure, then weeps in pain every time she vanishes before my eyes. I will never see her again, and she can never be mine. Ever. The Wizard was right. A heart was a treacherous thing. In all my time of finally having one, I have not felt that happiness that I long for. Only pain lingers. Pain and regret.

Once again, my joints have been sealed, and I can not move. Vulnerability. It is the one thing that I have feared most since that fateful day the "Wizard" gave me my heart. Of course...was it truly him who gave it to me? Or was it mine all this time? Dorothy, that beautiful creature...she tried to convince me that I had a heart all along. Maybe she was right.

I cannot feel it, and yet I know that my body is burning with heat. I am always as hot as a furnace when in direct sunlight, and its rays are beating down upon me now. And...where am I? This can't be Oz. It doesn't feel like Oz.

The soft beating of the ocean reaches my ears. That must be how I came to be here. It is the only explanation. Yet...how did I get into those waters to begin with? I was dreaming, dreaming of colors and happiness and Doro--and her. I must stop torturing myself like this. Why should I be complaining? I finally truly feel, feel with my heart. Now I realize that a heart is almost useless to one made of tin. No one would love someone like me. How could anyone recieve pleasure from hugging a lump of metal? I have no flesh, no nerves hidden beneath my surface. The feeling of a kiss is foreign to me. I am unreal, simply an object, bestowed with emotion, but no true feeling to back it up.

It is something I have often wondered: should I have wished for something else from the Wizard? Should I have wished to be...real?

Current Mood: anxious
12:44 am
I don't know where I am. I barely know who I am. Where is momma? Why is everything smaller?

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1:22 am
Who: Turin and Boromir
What: Meet in a tavern and Turin gets to catch up on stuff
Where: A random bar in a tavern XD
Warnings: PG, brief swearing

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
4:59 pm
Part II
Who: Imrahil, Pamela
What: Meeting part II
When: After Meeting part I
Where: Outside of Dol Amroth

Part IICollapse )

And there they wrap up. Somehow. They can't even think of a way.
4:56 pm
Part I
Who: Imrahil, Pamela
What: Meeting
When: Um. Kari?
Where: Outside of Dol Amroth
Notes: Part 1 of the never-ending chat. Apparently it won't even fit in a single post.

Part ICollapse )
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